SZA-LER: A Burgeoning Fashion Icon Emerges

If you don't know SZA by now then there's really just no helping you, but like I guess you can keep reading, because ya boy thrives off of page views so thhaannnkkss. For the rest of you that have heard of the R&B sensation born Solana Rowe, then you may also be aware that she's out here not just being the most nominated female at the 2018 Grammys, but she's also fun-reaking beautiful and perfect and is never not delivering a lewk (thats the appropriate spelling in this context). 

In the music industry the fashion darlings are pretty much set (Rihanna): theres the glam one (Rihanna), the cool one (Rihanna), and the one that 'only SHE can pull that off!' (literally Rihanna, they're all Rihanna ok, like, how did you not see that coming?).

Just, like, super randomly off the top of my head Rihanna for some reason comes to mind. Its almost as if for the past 6 or so years, when she took that break from releasing an album every 8 months, she has been dominating these girls with her style. In the content machine that is the Rihanna compound, music is now just only a small part of what she has to offer. She's got a sock line, a collection with River Island, is the creative director behind Fenty x Puma, she's won the Met Gala on multiple occasions, and of course, she's added Fenty Beauty. Im not saying that she's fallen off or anything, but with so much cultural saturation, Im just starting to get a little comfortable with what Rihanna has to offer. 

Im not saying that SZA is here to take her place, because, hellloooooo more than one brown woman can be doing well at a time; theres space for everyone. BUT what I will say though is that, SZA is doing something that feels new. Her style feels personal, it feels intimate, and authentic. Its like she dresses everyday like its Afropunk, and quite frankly Im ready to sign up for that lifestyle. She's now the face of GAP - who's actually been turning out some not trash clothes recently - and I have a feeling that this will be the first of many brand collaborations for her. 

I did some super professional digging on her instagram, and came back with some super legit, and comprehensive screenshots of some of my favorite looks of hers over these last few months. See below and you can check out her IG for yourself heeerreee


Jonathan Bell