Lets Take it to the JCPenny Photo Studio with the Rodarte Fall 2018 Collection

     In lieu of a runway show this season, the sisters Mulleavy chose instead to opt for a KMar....series of portraits to display their Fall 2018 collection. The collection looked heavily influenced by a Barcelona of days gone by, and I could absolutely see myself strolling through Park Güell in one of these laced numbers, parasol in hand, sobbing into a handful of churros because I've spilled dipping chocolate on my dress. This is why I can't have nice things, even if they're fictional. 

     I kept half expecting Valentina from Ru Paul's drag race to pop up in one of the pictures. Although she didn't make the campaign, there were some notable like  Chloe X Halle, Tessa Thompson, and a V pregnant Kirsten Dunst. Which thankfully answers another long standing question I've had of "what is Kirsten Dunst doing these days?". 

     In typical Mulleavy fashion, the collection looks painstakingly detailed,  with lace and beading accents that near boggle the mind. If you've been searching for the perfect 'Matador-Vampire-Bride' outfit, well then look no further. I jest I JEST, geesh, its actually one of the more wearable and accessible collections from the elusive duo. Long praised for their artistic merit, but lacking the production capabilities and distribution channels to keep up with demand, its been rumored for years that the brand might just be breaking even in terms of profit. Unless you're a celebrity, or insanely wealthy, it may prove difficult to find a Rodarte piece, like, in real life; fine given that their past collections looked much more fit for a an intimate gathering of field nymphs in an enchanted grotto, than in a midtown conference room. However, after the retail success of their most recent collaborations with accessory's giant Coach, maybe the sisters have gotten in the business of growing their business. Now just to actually find out where and how to buy these clothes......hmm....THE SEARCH CONTINUES. 


Jonathan Bell