Review: Heron Preston Fall 2018 Menswear

If you're sitting there wondering where streetwear is going to go next, well look no further than the most recent collection from Heron Preston. Every time I think that the current streetwear trend has reached it’s apotheosis and theres nowhere left for designers to push it, then comes a collection like this. 

Heron Preston is not sitting around looking at the influencers and asking them "whats cool", he is patient zero; Influencer to the influencers. Thats an important place to hold in this industry thats becoming more and more driven by your social media presence than by a traditional runway show. Im almost certain that if you went to Bella Hadid's instagram right now, she'd have on an H-to-T look inspired by this show ALREADY. That girl is hypecity to a fault I swear.  

The collection features a collaboration with Nasa, the realization of a dream Heron talked about 5 years ago with the NYT, and a dream well worth the wait. I can only imagine the back and forth he had to go through with using their intellectual property correctly. It all worked out though, especially in the first pic below  of the white reflective shell Nylon jacket, with silver ripstop and Aluminum 3M detail. He tells Vogue "There were so many guidelines I had to follow [...] I used what was called the 'worm' logo, which was discontinued in 1992. So thats why intermittently you see topstitching that reads 'Fall/Winter 1990'". 

As we all know, theres nothing more 'in' than 90's nostalgia now. However, unlike some other shows that use this nostalgia as a crutch, Heron uses it here in a way that does not seem like he's pandering to the masses. Just because everyone likes his clothes equals not pandering. Like, its super hard being really popular, I know first hand. 

Nylon, Heron Orange Neon, shiny aluminum, and 3M details run throughout a collection that has everything to offer. Streetwear is born out of the frenzied layering of items that traditionally dont "go together". Thats why a fur coat paired with pajama bottoms, in the same collection as mixed media structured blazer with a camo miniskirt, feels intentional and aware, rather than scattered and mishmoshed. The intricate rhinestone details on the Carhartt collab, the snakeskin print on both women and mens pieces, and enough graphic tees and sweatshirts that add layer upon layer of wit and humor. 

If you're not a trend follower than this styling probably won't be for you, but taken individually I think that the pieces are still imbued with enough well thought out design that they hold up on their own. 

"Words in Russian", Fanny Packs worn as chest pieces, 'casual at all costs', and a nod to 90's athleisure, are trends that are all here to stay. So do yourself a favor, and check out this collection when it drops in stores in a couple months. 

See the full collection, and start planning your Coachella look below. Let me know what you think in the comments section!

Jonathan Bell