Street Style: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Fashion week is going strong in Copenhagen, and as always, the shows aren't the only place you'll want to go to if you're looking for the best indicator of where fashion is trending at the moment. Super duper oversized outerwear, prints prints everywhere, and the colors OMG THE COLORS. One time when I was little, my mom took my brother and I to see Sesame Street live, and other than this one truly traumatic part in the show where everything was in black and white, that cast of characters would be soooooo in right now. Orange, Pink, about 19 shades of blue, and even green (fashions most underrated color) took center stage on the streets of Denmark. 

Accessories wise, the handbags seem to be getting smaller, while everything else seems to be growing to gigantic proportions of themselves. Is it a scarf? Is it a blanket? Does it matter? NO! 

Athleisure seems like it took its foot off of the neck of fashion insiders for a brief moment allowing them to ever so briefly gasp the air of structured coats, jackets, and pants. There were trench coats of every concoction, women in menswear inspired pleated pants, and enough blazers for everyone to share. Finally my lifelong goal of turning into Murphy Brown has a place in the fashion conversation. 

My (that word is punctuated with me clapping my hands at each stop by the way) favorite thing that Im seeing is the proliferation of glen plaid. Its not just for middle aged men that work in finance questioning where their passionate youthful zest for life went as they sit huddled, sullen, and glassy eyed at 10pm still in the office trying to reconcile a balance sheet cogitating on the tax implications of the depreciative value of fixed assets....anymore. I swear that was the simplest explanation of glen plaid I could think of...

See all of my favorite street style looks from Copenhagen Fashion week below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Jonathan Bell 


Pictures via: @styledumonde/ Vogue Runway