NYFW: Hellessy Fall 18 RTW

The great thing about being a ~fashion blogger~ is that I get to learn about all of these designers that I'd literally never heard of before while doing these reviews. Here I aM thinking I was at the pinnacle of the fashion pyramid because I hopped on that Riverdale for H&M collection before it sold out (COLE SPROUSE OVA ERRTHANG) yet lo and behold there actually exists like, more designers? Who knew. 

After doing some quick research on Hellessy and designer Sylvie Millstein's previous collections I've come to the conclusion that the American education system is failing the youth. The children are out here walking around in god knows what Forever 21 poly blend concoction when they should be saving that money to really start investing in quality pieces ok PIECES I'm using the word 'pieces' so you know I'm talking about fashion. That way, come your mid (to late) twenties like myself, you won't have a closet full of graphic tees and yet not a single duchess satin lined robe. LIKE WTF WHO IS CREATING THE CURRICULUMS. 

Get the information out to the youth about brands like Hellessy who are (in my obviously uninformed opinion) flying under the radar in regards to the conversation of "popular" fashion, and let them see the light of premium fabrics, cuts, and design. They can't afford it, but neither can I, and thats a discussion about how the US gov't is crippling a entire generation of its population with student loan debt, a for profit healthcare system, and a job market that can not reasonably support the cost of living in the country's most populated urban environments. THATS ANOTHER CONVERSATION OK JUST LOOK AT THE PRETTY CLOTHES. 

See the full collection and let me know what you think in the comments below!


Jonathan Bell 


Photos via: Vogue Runway