Roseanne's Been Barred



It's an internet, classic "Milkshake Duck is Racist" situation except this time Milkshake Duck has been racist for a while. 


I'm of course talking about Roseanne Barr with my obscure millenial, meme reference. 


Who would've thought that a blue collar idol who supports a Trump ideology would be problematic? I should see about a million internet hands raised (that's how many followers The Issues Blog has right?). I would ask how or why these individuals are getting the platform they're getting but I already know the answer: they're white and production companies need to target a different demographic in order to get the amount of money they always dreamed of having (read: even a million tons more money than you, ever, for ever and ever, amen).


My aggravation isn't really at its crux with all those other reasons though. My aggravation is the feigned shock and awe that surrounds a racist when they do racist things. I imagine it's a bit tiresome to put so much effort into trying really hard to act like you didn't see this coming. She was tweeting and talking long before her show premiered so that means about 17.7 million people ( who waited on baited breadth for a Roseanne revival  had to pretend to act surprise when she suddenly "went too far". 


Excuse me, I'll adjust that number for sympathizing racists and say, mmmmm, about 600k people had to fake it till their minority friends gave them side eyes while the 17.1 others continued their outward tirade against people of color. 



Justin C.

Justin Cartagena is a graphic designer, writer, and thot leader. He is on The Issues Blog advisory board and head of producing receipts, very dark humor, and sassy finger waving. You can find his personal IG @robustpics, but its like private so good luck getting approved.