Spring Fashion: 5 of the Hottest Trends for Spring to Review While You Stay Inside All Winter, Become a Hermit, and Alienate Yourself Completely From Society Until March


The groundhog has spoken. 

6 more weeks of winter, means 6 more weeks of me making plans with friends only to revel in the distinct pleasure of cancelling on account of it being to cold to go outside (I just caaaaan't please don't make me, what if I die? What if I get frostbite and die? This is really a safety issue). 

If you, like me, would rather stay inside than fight through throngs of 23 yr olds trying to order a $15 drink at a bar from the bartender who, despite his lingering eye contact, does not love you like you've convinced yourself you love him (too personal? Is that just me? Im not crying, you are) then have I got the BEST list of things you could be doing instead!

While I could lay in a dark room singing through Destiny's Child's 'The Writings On the Wall Album' acapella to my cat for 3 straight hours, some of you don't have my vocal stamina, so you'll need other things to do. What better time than these cold winter days to concoct the perfect spring look for when you pop up in everyone's DM's acting like the King/Queen of brunch. No-one will need an explanation for you dropping off the face of the earth between December and March because they'll be too caught up in your perfectly coördinated outfit. Now is the time to lay the groundwork. 

Below are some of the hottest trends for Spring 2018: 


1. Transparency 

Margiela's AW18 show was filled to the brim with PVC pieces, from bustiers, to dresses, to trench coats. Since I don't have the continence to handle catching my reflection in a see through bustier, I think it'd be in my (read: everyone's - Its a community health issue tbh) best interest to maybe just stick to accessories. Small see through bags have been popping up all over the SS18 collections, and pretty much everyone except for the Whitehouse is all about the transparency trend for Spring. Like this see-through tote that is deadass so cute and only $15 from Eastsport.


2. Neon

Its not just for traffic cones and terrible people at raves screaming over the music about how "life changing" Burning Man was and that ever since they've been back it's so hard for them to relate to "normies" with their corporate jobs, responsibilities, and general ability to function in society.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 9.45.56 PM.png

3. Dad Sneakers

They're not going anywhere ok. We just need to accept it. As long as Jaden Smith ('s boredline insane campaign to being the absolute most on IG) has something to say about it, chunky dad sneakers will remain a part of the fashion conversation. HOWEVER, you don't have to keep taking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in ziplock bags for lunch if you're saving up to get Balenciaga dad sneakers when you could just go to Eytys (@Eytys). During one of my classic fugue state 3-hour instagram spirals, I came across this Stockholm based brand and fell in love. Truly. Unfortunately just like my actual love life, it wasn't meant to be as they don't sell my size (I even emailed the company to see if they could specially make a US 13M. I received the same response I get when I ask people out for dates "No"). Perhaps you'll have better luck though...fingers crossed! 

4. Pants with a stripe down the side

There was a brief moment towards the end of 2017 where the full track suit was almost making a comeback. However since people couldn't find it in themselves to even ironically embrace velour again, athletic stripes just started showing up on any and every pair of pants. This trend doesn't seem to be slowing down at all so make sure you're prepared for the ASOS fashion show that'll be happening on every street in Brooklyn this Spring and STRIPE UP YOUR LIFE. 


One of the best indicators of whats to come, trend wise, next season is not only found on the runways/presentations, but just by what the attendees are wearing as well. If we learned anything from the sartorial street style from Copenhagen Fashion Week, it was that what's in for Spring 2018 is all of the colors. No need to focus on just earth tones this year, or a single subtle 'pop-of-color' accessory. Now your entire outfit can be one GIANT pop of color. Condolences to my color blind brethren (and sisthren? Is that a word? It should be), we stand with you, and will keep you in our hearts all spring while we're out here killing it. See more of my favorite street style looks from CPHFW on my post about it here.

No need to thank me, but do it anyway because I like the attention. 


Jonathan Bell