Coachella Style: The Trendiest Cultures to Appropriate this Festival Season

If Native Americans don't want you wearing their traditional headdresses, then they can just go back to whatever country they came from. 

Can I get an Amen up in here??

(what's that?....I can't?...Oh.)


It seems that every year we have the same conversation about festival clothing, and the way that the rich and privileged slip on whichever ethnic costume fits their mood for that day before heading out to "dance" (read: jump up and down) in a sweaty pit of ubiquitous EDM


Like, really, where do these poor (literal and figurative), brown skinned people get off thinking they have the right to critique the behavior of the rich and famous?? Last time I checked, being rich and or famous were the only things that mattered. And ~not to make it about race~ but if you throw in white, then sweetie you need to pump your breaks, because then they can do whatever they want. How the fuck dare you. THIS IS AMERICA. 

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm yelling, I apologize.

Ugh. It's just so frustrating when marginalized people get to talking about how uuugghhhh the appropriation of their cultures contributes to the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes, and like, uugghhhh, the commoditization of their ethnic identity which in turn uuugghhhh minimizes the struggle and often violent repercussions that people who don't have the option to add/remove those traits  at will often face in society. 

Oh my 'for-some-reason-white-andmostcertainlychristian-God-eventhough-Jesus-was-from-the-Middle-East' its like enough already.

Listen minorities, just because someone without even the tiniest shred of deference to the complex and often intersecting history of racism, institutionalized poverty, ethnic,  and religious discrimination in America wants to cherry pick their idea of the 'cutest' aspects of your culture for their own entertainment, does not give you the right to demand basic fucking human decency. Ok, there are instagram pics on the line here, and instagram is life. 

Whew. ANYWAY. I'm glad I got to finally get that off my chest. 

Don't get caught out here in last seasons willful ignorance.

You need to go out there and be the most ignorant,  blithely unaware, and completely lacking the capacity for self reflection that YOU ARE ENTITLED TO. 


See below the hottest culture trends for you to try on below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Black Women  

"Like, why can't I corn-roll my hair? How is that offensive?....Its ghetto chic!"


East Indian/Hindu 

"It's sooo cute....Bindi's are SO in right now....Oh Em Gee, YES I want to get one of those nose rings"


Native American

"Look at how crazy I look with this feather thing right haha? How does this even go haha? Oh my God I look so crazy haha. Hahah. HAHAH"

Credit: Jason Sheldon/The Daily Beast

Credit: Jason Sheldon/The Daily Beast


If you read this article and got a hearty cackle out of it, I'm going to assume that you understand the intricacies of appropriation and how frequently lines are crossed through the rejection of history, cultural context, and privilege. This then may not necessarily be news to you, but please feel free to send this link along to anyone on the periphery of your life that still listens to Kreyshawn. Together we can. 

If you did NOT laugh at this article, and felt even slightly attacked, well then...