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"How To Dress A Boy"

I pretty much just go on and on about how annoyed I am with the inequity of gender expression in the fashion industry, how women can wear mens clothes but not the other way around, I relive my high school trauma of seeing myself on film in direct sunlight, and pretty much try to answer the question of if there is a right or wrong way when it comes to "How to Dress a Boy". 

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Letter From the Editor: "I Do Not Love, Simon"

Liiiisssttteeeeenn I don't want to make everything about like jk jk I do. I firmly believe that representation is important, but does that mean that just because the gays finally have a rom-com of their own we should not critique it? Does the fact that something exist supersede its necessity to actually accomplish anything further than that? Is it important if it good? Well, I think yes, and in the case of Love, Simon, I think its a no. To be fair, the same can be said for Michael B. Jordans performance in Black Panther, but I want to smooch him, so he gets a pass.

Sorry, Simon. 

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Letter from the Editor: The Lingering Trauma of Being Compared to Tyler the Creator and Other Grammy's 2018 Thoughts

Our Editor in Chief thought the 2018 Grammy's might actually be bearable to watch, in no small part to Taylor Swift not being in attendance. As well he discuss the role that the very new phenomenon of white men being held responsible for their actions had in the nominations, or lack there of (Ed Sheeran??). 

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