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Rih told you that she was a SAVAGE (x Fenty)

For the most part this collection seems like a set of lingerie designed for women, by a woman, as opposed to most lingerie that is designed for men, to be worn by women, for other men. Hence the traditionally uncomfortable fabrics, binding proportions, and —dontaskmehowiknowthis— limited sizes. The SAVAGE x Fenty collection is playful, it looks comfortable, and since its been pretty much sold out since it launched, I’d say women are liking it. 

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NYFW: Milly Fall 2018 RTW

This collection has all dah hits: Colors, Satin, PVC pants, fringey things, models of more than one ethnicity (cough Rachel Zoe cough). Theres a short list of my favorite designers forming in my head and Michelle Smith of Milly, better watch out, because soon she's going to be in there contending with my running list of anxieties, how much I love Riverdale, and all of my many many maaannnyyy thoughts on why 'I2I' from "A Goofy Movie" is the perfect song. PERFECT.

Its. Perfect. 

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RPDR All Stars 3: The Unnecessarily Granular, Minute-Bye-Minute Recap - Episode 1

Episode 1: "She done already done had herses" UGH FINALLY Drag Race is back, and I have a reason to stay up past 9pm during the week again. If you want an exceedingly in depth walk through of the entire episode than you've come to the right place. If you want to see the thoughts of a man with nothing else going on in life, well then you've also come to the right place!

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