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Fall Outfit Research: 10 Office looks that are totally inappropriate for work so you can spend all day asking people “Is this totally inappropriate for work?”

Unless it specifically says "You're not allowed to wear an entirely mesh outfit to work" then I'm not sure what you're waiting for. Instagram darling, and personal style obsession, Elisa Johnson has the right idea. I did the IG stalking for you and found some perfect office looks that we need to try asapppp.  

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The Olympics, Gucci, and Globalization

The Winter Olympics are over and thankfully because I was thiiiissss close to getting so inspired that I may have been spurred on to actually exercise. Bullet dodged. With all of the feelings swirling in my head after these past two weeks of annoying everyone I know with how suddenly I'm "into sports", I can't help but think about some of those questions in regards to Alessandro Michele's FW 18 collection from Gucci. Im trying to find the line of appropriation and a figure skating program that accepts old, out of shape, men who have nothing but backrolls and a dream. Im not sure I find either in this article, but you tell me. 

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February Horoscope '18: You're welcome in advance for my sage wisdomous advice

How's 2018 going for you so far? Is it the magical banana plantation you imagined it would be? That iiiissss what you imagined it would be.....right? Annnyyyway, I got the sweet hookup on how February is going to go for you, and I also pepper in some of my own advice. I have a bachelors degree is Psychology, like relax, Im basically a doctor ok. 

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