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Fall Outfit Research: 10 Office looks that are totally inappropriate for work so you can spend all day asking people “Is this totally inappropriate for work?”

Unless it specifically says "You're not allowed to wear an entirely mesh outfit to work" then I'm not sure what you're waiting for. Instagram darling, and personal style obsession, Elisa Johnson has the right idea. I did the IG stalking for you and found some perfect office looks that we need to try asapppp.  

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"How To Dress A Boy"

I pretty much just go on and on about how annoyed I am with the inequity of gender expression in the fashion industry, how women can wear mens clothes but not the other way around, I relive my high school trauma of seeing myself on film in direct sunlight, and pretty much try to answer the question of if there is a right or wrong way when it comes to "How to Dress a Boy". 

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MFW: Gucci AW 18

Literally every single thing in the known and unknown world came down the Gucci FW 18 runway. Check out every look from probs the most IG storied collection of Milan Fashion week. Sidebar: I like haaaddd to choose the look with the dragon as the cover photo fully aware of how overdone it is BUT LISTEN THAT DRAGON IS ME OK. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING BUT ALSO FAKE. *emoji of that girl with her hand to the side*

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NYFW: Milly Fall 2018 RTW

This collection has all dah hits: Colors, Satin, PVC pants, fringey things, models of more than one ethnicity (cough Rachel Zoe cough). Theres a short list of my favorite designers forming in my head and Michelle Smith of Milly, better watch out, because soon she's going to be in there contending with my running list of anxieties, how much I love Riverdale, and all of my many many maaannnyyy thoughts on why 'I2I' from "A Goofy Movie" is the perfect song. PERFECT.

Its. Perfect. 

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